Chin-Māo delegations are based on friendship and mutual understanding.

Friendship Delegations

The delegations are reciprocal in nature and now generally operate on an annual basis and we make every effort to organise exchanges to suit the interests of the participants. Some delegations are timed to coincide with specific occasions such as commemorations of special events. All delegations from China include home hosting and billeting and an overnight marae stay. Our experience shows that this method offers special insights for Māori who have a desire for closer associations with the Chinese and vice versa. Therefore, we encourage those who participate as a delegate to China to respond by offering a home hosting opportunity to a future Chinese delegation. The duration of a visit is between 9 to 12 days and participation is by invitation.


Chin-Māo is developing the establishment of sound and long lasting relationships between Māori people and Chinese people through a process of educational interactions based on friendship through education. Kura Kaupapa Māori and normal schools that have a high percentage of Māori pupils will form educational, cultural and social exchanges with Chinese Minority People's schools in various Chinese regions. The initiative sees the exchanges and development of languages, cultures and social understandings firstly within and through the young people at school. This will extend through pupil and teacher exchanges to whanau understandings, community involvements and thereby forming a sound relationship base for economic activities.


We look to develop long term business relationships on the basis of friendship and mutual understanding. Chin-Māo is able to provide advice on developing relationships from a cultural perspective to both Chinese and Māori. To achieve this we follow a simple process where we seek to:
• Understand what it is you are wishing to achieve through your relationship
• Facilitate an engagement with the decision makers, and
• Support the relationship.
Imperative to the success of the relationship will be that your business goals & objectives match ours in terms of placing friendly relations through cultural understanding as your way of ‘doing business’. If you are interested, contact us now.

Specific Interest Delegations and Tours

All Chin-Māo delegations are based on building friendly relations with, and the mutual understanding of Māori and the people of China. These shorter duration delegations are to address a specific interest. Activities within China will be by arrangement with CPAFFC. All costs will be met by the delegation member. However, these will be minimised wherever possible. If you are interested, contact us now.